Manatee's Military RP

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Donate to keep our server alive! After choosing a kit or package, please message Manatee through discord or steam and he will provide you with the donation link. MANATEE DOES NOT ACCEPT SKINS. DONATIONS ARE ONLY ACCEPTED THROUGH PAYPAL OR DIRECTLY USING A VISA CARD.

- Juggernaut

Cost: $2.50

Includes: /kit jugg, /kit xp2

Description: Feel the power and strength of your armor as you charge into battle, taking the brunt of the fire for your team. Your heavy armor will keep you protected as your heavy-duty LMG rips through enemy lines.

- Berserker

Cost: $2.50

Includes: /kit berserker, /kit xp2

Description: Stay low and quite with this kit, weaving silently through enemy lines with a wide assortment of tactical equipment. Pop up behind enemy lines with your weaponry and then disappear just as quickly. Perfect for the stealth operator.


Cost: $2.50

Includes: /kit smgvip, /kit xp2

Description: Use your high powered SMG to clear buildings, rush enemy bunkers, or claim areas quickly with this powerful kit. Includes new amour and never seen before SMG's.

- Diver

Cost: $2.50

Includes: /kit diver, /kit xp2

Description: Attack from this water with this never before seen kit, including waterproof gear and weapons.

- Breacher

Cost: $2.50

Includes: /kit breacher, /kit xp2

Description: Become the most feared man in close quarters combat. Harness the power of a bluntforce to push straight through enemy blockades in buildings or bases. Includes never before seen uniform!

- Deadeye

Cost: $5.00

Includes: /kit deadeye, /kit xp2

Description: Contrary to the breacher kit, the deadeye kit allows users to take our enemies from afar with ease. Railgun included, this kit allows the user to stay practically invisible as their enemies bleed out from rails shot into body parts.

- Barricade

Cost: $1

Includes: /kit barricade

Description: Need to block off a passage, or place a door to create a safe room for your team? This is the kit to do it! With a wide assortment of barricades, this kit will give you an edge in defending or attacking a position.

- gTransport

Cost: $1

Includes: /kit gtransport

Description: Ever needed to take your team to a destination only to find you would have to walk? Fear no more, for this kit can transport a large squad to wherever you need to go quickly.

- Breach1

Cost: $1

Includes: /kit breach1

Description: Counter the barricades kit with the breach kit! Use explosives and mobility items to either bypass or blow straight through a locked door!

- -500 Reputation

Cost: $1

Description: Want more reputation? Purchase this pack and an admin will lower your rep in game.

- -1000 Reputation

Cost: $2

Description: Want more  reputation? Purchase this pack and an admin will lower your rep in game.

- -1500 Reputation

Cost: $3

Description: Want more  reputation? Purchase this pack and an admin will lower your rep in game.


- Bronze

Cost: $6

Includes: /kit jugg, /kit berserker, /kit smg, /kit xp2

Description: Harness the full power of three of our donation kits, using each different kit for whatever situation arises. Perfect for new players looking for an extra boost on the battlefield.

- Silver (Best Seller!)

Cost: $11

Includes: /kit jugg, /kit berserker, /kit smg, /kit diver, /kit barricade, /kit gtransport, /kit breach1, /kit xp2

Description: Bundle most of our great kits in one! By far our best package to dominate the field. 

- Gold

Cost: $20

Includes: /kit jugg, kit berserker, /kit smg, /kit diver, /kit barricade, /kit gtransport, /kit breach1, /kit breacher, /kit deadeye, /kit wildchild, /kit xp2, /kit xp3

Description: Enjoy all of our kits, bundled in one package!

- Reputation Package

Cost: $5

Includes: Want an additional -3000 reputation? Purchase this package and an admin will lower yours in game.